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stickle v : dispute or argue stubbornly (especially minor points)

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  1. to argue stubbornly over minor or trivial matters
  2. to referee in a Cornish wrestling bout

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

abrupt, arduous, back down, balance, balk, blench, boggle, contend, contend for, debate, deliberate, demur, die hard, falter, fear, fight for, fight shy of, flinch, gag, hang back, hang off, have qualms, hem and haw, hesitate, hold off, hold out, hover, hum and haw, jib, kick, make bones about, not budge, object, pause, persevere, ponder, precipitate, precipitous, protest, pull back, quail, recoil, retreat, scruple, sheer, shilly-shally, shrink, shy, shy at, sideling, stall, stand out, stand pat, stick, stick at, stickle for, stipulate for, stop to consider, straddle the fence, strain, strain at, strive for, struggle for, stumble, take no denial, think twice about, vie for, waver, wince, withdraw, yield
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